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              Yongkang Shengyuan Gear Factory

              Add:Zhejiang province Jinhua city Wuyi County

              Tong Qin Town Hardware Machinery Industrial Park

              passes 5 road 5 Germany Germany small and small garden A31 螺旋傘齒輪


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                Shengyuan gear is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of gear manufacturers, and its products are spiral bevel gears, Spur gears, gear shaft, mechanical parts, mainly in supporting the car, three motorcycles, ATV, recreational exercise bike, electric tools, pneumatic tools, lawn mowers, sewing machines, paper machines, textile machines food machines and other types of machinery.

                Shengyuan gear product and imported brands of gear or the source of the gear, or the source of the noise reduction gear to do better, use or source of the transmission gear noise, thanks to the rise source gear advanced precision small modulus gear processing and processes that allow you to be less affected by noise annoyance.

                Shengyuan gear Through ISO9000: 2008 quality system certification

              combined with the original situation established an effective management system. Alibaba has witnessed seven years TrustPass members; won the "group membership card" certificate. L source gear to good quality, reasonable prices and fast delivery to win the unanimous Japan, the United States, Germany, Taiwan and the mainland provinces of customers.


              浙公網安備 33078402100222號

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