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              ABOUT US
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              Yongkang Shengyuan Gear Factory

              Add:Zhejiang province Jinhua city Wuyi County

              Tong Qin Town Hardware Machinery Industrial Park

              passes 5 road 5 Germany Germany small and small garden A31 螺旋傘齒輪


              Home >> ABOUT US >> Culture

              The definition of corporate culture

              Corporate culture is the business philosophy of enterprises in the business activities in the form of the sum of the management objectives, operating principles, values, business practices, social responsibility, business image and the like. Is a fundamental expression of individual enterprises, it is the business of survival, competition and development of the soul.


              Business philosophy:Intention of manufacturing products, sustainable development, good customer service!

              Core Values:The pursuit of excellence, build quality; faithful customers, sincere service; perseverance, perseverance。

              Quality Policy:Quality priority, customer satisfaction, qualified precision, continuous improvement。

              Environmental Policy:Safety, comfortable environment, product harmless, environmentally friendly energy。

              Service Policy:Product design, research and development, manufacturing production, to enjoy intimate one-stop service;
                                  Good faith, in strict accordance with contractual delivery commitments will not delay delivery;
                                  Warm, professional service lets you choose or the source of long-term worries。


              浙公網安備 33078402100222號

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